The Keynote Club

The mission of the St. Charles Municipal Band KEYNOTE CLUB is to preserve the 147-year-old tradition of the Band and to secure its financial future. The following government, businesses, organizations, and individuals have financially underwritten that mission and through their generosity provide free public concerts and special performances for selected groups and community events.


2017 Keynote Sponsors (as of 6/01/2017)


City of St. Charles Arts & Education Commission

John F. & Doris L. Bernat
Brad & Christine Cassity
Missouri Arts Council


Earl & Kay Kreder



Gene & Nancy Garza

Florissant Seniors Center

Sustaining Members

Darold & Helen Jackson
Eric & Debby Stuhler
Wayne & Chris Hoffman
MTC Truck Driver Training



Boeing Matching Gifts

Rudolph & Gloria Barabas

Neal & Linda Beste

Marcella Boerding

Mildred Boerding

Timothy & Christine Carr

Lou & Donna Conyer
Cindy Hembrough
Shirley Hemminghaus
Carolyn Hollander

Betty & Bob Little

Ruth Mellor
J Bruce Melton
Don & Carole Meyer

Meyer Real Estate Co.

Pat Poindexter
Dayton  Poinsett
Judith Packer

Milma Schnare

Roger & Shirley Sellenschutter
Erica Suter
George & Elaine Tucker

John & Gaynell Tully



Anonymous (2)
Carleen Bossman
Tom & Jackie Borgmeyer
John & Sharon Boschert
Steve & Roseanne Cox

Richard Dieckmann
John & Jackie Dougherty
Rod & Nancy Fleer
Ralph & Sally Haake
Judy & Gregory Hinsley
Jaycee Fairgrounds Village

Barbra Hunt

Bob & Irene Jacobs
Helen LaBanca
Shirley Lochman
Robert Koetter

Gilmore Krener
Ray & Kate Mossman

Mrs. Jeneanne Niggemeir

Robert & Madeline Peitz
Jim & Kathy Radi
Wilbur & Arlene Ring
Allen & Carolyn Rudolph

Bill & Barbara Tapia

Ralph & Myrna Weiland
Thomas & Ruth Wiley
William & Mary Williams


Gifts were given to the Keynote Club in honor of the following individuals;

Virginia & Guy Hall
Gary Hemminghaus

James (Jimmy) Oelkhaus
Al Poindexter
Bob Needham
Bob Suter
Laura & Harold Moore
Ester & Abundio Garza


The St. Charles Municipal Band wishes to acknowledge and thank the St. Charles Parks Department for the use of Jaycee Pavilion and Frontier Park for the Thursday and Sunday evening concerts. Band concerts in St. Charles Parks have been continuous since 1929.